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Programs & Services

Access Medicaid

Access Medicaid is a cooperative enterprise of the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department, the Douglas County Health Department, the Metro Omaha Medical Society and LCMS.  The program provides enrollment and education services for Nebraska Health Connection/Kids Connection, the Medicaid Managed Care Program in Douglas, Sarpy and Lancaster counties.   The LCMS Provider Resource Specialist acts as the physician liaison in Lancaster County and assists with program marketing, development and education.  LCMS staff is responsible for creating the marketing materials for the program.

Physician Referrals

Are you looking for a physician?  LCMS acts as a resource for patients in search of primary care and specialty physicians.  Our staff utilizes the LCMS membership database to help patients narrow the search for physicians who best suit their health care needs.

Patients can access the LCMS On-line Directory to obtain information about  member physicians by name, practice name or specialty.  For more information or assistance, contact the LCMS staff at:

Phone:  (402) 483-4800    or   

Community Internship Program - Creating Understanding Through Personal Experience

The LCMS/Lancaster County Medical Alliance (LCMA) Community Internship Program provides a chance for lay people to "shadow" a physician for a day.  This annual event matches select community leaders with LCMS physicians.  The internship is a grassroots effort to improve understanding between physicians and the community.  It offers a firsthand opportunity for people who affect, carry out or report on health care policy to experience the practice of medicine.  Interns are often leaders in industry, media, clergy, education, government and consumer advocacy.  They are encouraged to ask questions and share their views and observations with the physicians.

Membership Directory

LCMS publishes and distributes over 4200 copies of the Annual Membership Directory and Allied Health Professionals Directory to local medical professionals and health care organizations for use as a resource in their offices.  The directory is generated from the society's in-house membership database, which is utilized year-round for data tracking and patient referrals.

The Allied Health Professionals Directory, integrated into the annual directory in 2000, is a listing of credentialed health professionals (nurses, physicians assistants, mental health professionals, etc.) who practice in the offices of our member physicians.  

Grievance Review

The LCMS Grievance Review Committee reviews written grievances and acts as an intermediary to resolve disputes.  A review may be requested by a physician or patient.  The committee is comprised of physicians appointed by the LCMS Board of Directors and reports to the Board.  

Affiliations/Community Projects

Community Blood Bank (CBB) of the Lancaster County Medical Society - LCMS formed the CBB in 1968.  The blood bank supplies blood products to hospitals in Lancaster and Seward counties.

Community Health Partners (CHP) - This partnership of health care providers was convened to better understand the health needs of county residents, to discover unmet health needs and barriers to obtaining health care, and to identify the appropriate roles of community organizations, social welfare agencies and health care providers in meeting these needs.  Representing the physicians in the community, LCMS is a key stakeholder in the partnership.

Disaster Plan - LCMS has been an active participant in the development of the local Disaster Plan.  In the event of a local disaster, LCMS coordinates hospital assignments for each physician.

Healthy People 2010 - LCMS participates on the steering committee of this Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department collaborative program.  The program addresses the health objectives for the year 2010 for Lincoln and Lancaster County.

Lancaster County Medical Alliance (LCMA) - LCMA is dedicated to the promotion and support of charitable and educational endeavors relating to healthcare.  The Alliance and LCMS collaborate on the Community Internship Program and other projects.  

LCMS Foundation - Established in 1984, the LCMS Foundation funds select, quality educational programs.  The foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.  Many contracts are supported through the LCMS Foundation.  They include:

  • Colon Cancer Awareness Grant – a grant that is focused on increasing awareness of colorectal cancer incidence, screening and emphasis on early detection.  We have partnered with Walgreen’s and three other local pharmacies to distribute screening kits and health information.
  • Second Hand Smoke – LCMS Foundation received a two-year grant to implement a public awareness campaign through physician offices on the dangers of secondhand smoke, focusing on smokefree workplaces, homes and vehicles.
  • Medication Assistance Program of Lincoln (MAPL) – The major Foundation program is the Medication Assistance Program of Lincoln.  In partnership with LCMA, the Foundation is raising money to support this program with the goal of helping individuals in need access their prescription medications.  Each year MAPL saves our clients millions of dollars by receiving free medications from national drug assistance programs.  Program assistance is available for single individuals that make $19,000 a year or less and married couples that make $25,000 or less.  For more information, call LCMS and ask for one of our Medication Assistance staff.

Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department (LLCHD) - The medical society and the county health department have a long history of collaboration on community healthcare programs.  Currently, LCMS assists the health department's Primary Care Clinic with recruitment of volunteer physicians, acts as a physician liaison for the Access Medicaid Program, and is the fiscal agent for The Grapevine Project.

Nebraska Credentials Verification Organization (NCVO) - NCVO provides a centralized, comprehensive credentials verification service for local hospitals and healthcare facilities.  LCMS acts as the local liaison for physicians seeking this service in Lancaster County.

Nebraska Medical Association (NMA) - LCMS works in tandem with the NMA to advocate for our members and the community.

Physician Call Numbers - LCMS assists the local hospitals by assigning and tracking the Physician Call Numbers used by our health care system.

Updated 04/03/06

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