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About LCMS  


The Lancaster County Medical Society (LCMS) is a professional membership association of medical doctors practicing in Lancaster County.

Lancaster County Medical Society

5625 O Street, Suite 3

Lincoln, NE 68510

Phone:  (402) 483-4800

Fax:       (402) 483-4802

E-mail LCMS:   marilyn@lcmsne.org

LCMS Mission

The Lancaster County Medical Society considers and acts upon matters affecting the practice of medicine and the health of the public.

LCMS Staff

Executive Director


Finance/Membership Assistant


Assistant Executive Director

Medication Assistance Coordinator

Medication Assistance Coordinator

Access Medicaid Provider Resource Specialist

EMS, Inc. Assistant Director

LCMS History

The Lancaster County Medical Society (LCMS) has been actively involved in the Lincoln medical community since 1898.  In 1902, LCMS had 52 physician members.  Membership and activity increased as the community expanded.

LCMS has endeavored to address community health issues from a leadership perspective, advocating for both physicians and patients.  During the society's history it has been integral in the development of programs to improve public health and advance the practice of medicine in Lancaster County.

LCMS Accomplishments

  • 1898 - First record of minutes of the Lancaster County Medical Society

  • 1947 - Filed corporate charter

  • 1949 - Established county emergency medical service

  • 1968 - Created the Community Blood Bank

  • 1972 - Instrumental in the creation of the Lincoln Medical Education Foundation and Lincoln Family Practice Program

  • 1981 - Formed Medical Direction Board and Advisory Committee

  • 1984 - Established the LCMS Foundation

  • 1993 - Initiated the LCMS Community Internship Program

  • 1994 - Nebraska Independent Physicians Association (NIPA) formed based on LCMS research

  • 1994  - Launched RWJ "Reach Out" Program, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant-funded program for the Physicians Initiative to Expand Care to Underserved Americans

  • 1997 -  Launched Access Medicaid Program in collaboration with the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department, the Douglas County Health Department and the Metro Omaha Medical Society

  • July 2000 - Grapevine Project was launched.   In cooperation with the Lincoln/Lancaster County Health Department.  LCMS provided temporary financial assistance to individuals in need to purchase prescription medications.

  • July 2001 – Implemented the Black Bag Project a program funded by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.   The project goal was to provide in-home care for those individuals with chronic illness who were homebound.  The program was transitioned to the People’s Health Center in July, 2005.

  • July 2003 – The Medication Assistance Program of Lincoln (MAP) replaced the original Grapevine program.  This new program helped individuals access their prescription medications for national patient assistance programs.  At the end of 2005, the program had assisted over 1000 patients, saving them over $4.5 million dollars in medication costs.

  • August 2005 – LCMS began working within their membership to recruit volunteers to participate in a rotation system to provide specialty services to uninsured and underinsured individuals. 

LCMS Today

The Lancaster County Medical Society has over 500 physician members, including 65 retired doctors.  The society represents over 90% of the practicing physicians in the county.  LCMS acts as an information hub and provides numerous benefits and resources for its physician members.

LCMS works in collaboration with other community health organizations to provide programs and services to enhance patient care and improve public health and safety.

Updated 04/03/06

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