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Physicians Resources

Membership Benefits

Grievance Review

The LCMS Grievance Review Committee reviews certain cases and acts as an intermediary to resolve grievances.

In-house Resources and Support

The LCMS staff has resources on file to assist member physicians and medical staff with questions about medical practice management, legal issues, current health care issues and related concerns.  Call our office.  If we don't know the answer, we will do our best to help you make contact with the people who do.  

LCMS Membership Directory

The medical society's annual membership directory is distributed to medical offices and health care organizations throughout Lancaster county.  Over 4200 directories are distributed each year and utilized to help our medical community stay connected.

Membership Meetings

LCMS conducts membership meetings as needed to inform our members of issues of critical importance to the practice of medicine.  These meetings provide our members with opportunities to meet with colleagues, share information and work together to improve health care in our community.

Physician Referrals

LCMS acts as a resource for patients seeking primary care and specialty physicians.  Our staff utilizes the LCMS membership database to help patients narrow the search for a physician.  

Patients can also access the LCMS On-line Directory to obtain information about  member physicians by name, practice name or specialty. 

Become An LCMS Member

Licensed physicians and residents in training who have earned a degree of Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopath and who practice or reside in Lancaster County, Nebraska, may apply for membership.  LCMS membership mandates membership in the Nebraska Medical Association.  Dues are billed on a graduated scale corresponding to the number of years of practice experience.  Associate and Life memberships are granted to qualified, retired medical society members who have practiced 25 and 40 years, respectively.

Group discounts LCMS members are eligible for group discounts from many local and national businesses.  Contact LCMS for a current list of vendors who participate in this program.

To receive a membership application and more information, please contact our office.

Phone:  (402) 483-4800        

Credentials Verification

LCMS works with the Nebraska Credential Verification Organization (NCVO) to provide consolidated, comprehensive credentials verification services for physicians in Lancaster County.  Physicians seeking this service should contact LCMS to request an NCVO application.  

Contact LCMS:

By Phone:  (402) 483-4800

By E-mail: 

E-mail requests should include:

1.  Requestor's Name

2.  Address to Which the Application is to be Sent

3.  Requestor's Phone Number

4.  Physician's Name

5.  Physician's Phone Number

6.  Physician's Area of Specialty

7.  Office At Which the Physician Will Practice

8.  Anticipated Start-Date

9.  Names of hospitals at which the physician would like to request privileges.

Updated 04/03/06

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